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        What are the preparations before starting the water pump of the car washer

        Each kind of water pump has a preparatory work before it is put into use, and the same is true for the use of the water pump of the car washer. If the preparatory work is done well, the working performance will be more stable.

        When formally starting the water pump of the car washer, there is a process of filling the pump, which requires that the pumped medium must fill the pump cavity. One way is to suck the device pipe pump. You need to open the exhaust pipeline, discharge the gas inside, and then fill the pump. At this time, you need to slowly rotate the rotor and close the exhaust valve after the operation. Another way is to fill the pump with the back filling device. Like the previous way, it is also necessary to discharge the gas inside, slowly rotate the rotor, and close the exhaust valve when there are no bubbles in the pumped medium. The two methods are similar. This process is to discharge the gas in the water pump.

        Next, check whether the water pump of the car washer can operate flexibly, start the motor, check whether the lower rotation direction is normal, and confirm the coupling shield. Then turn on the auxiliary system and continue the next step after the auxiliary system works stably.


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