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        What should be paid attention to in the simple maintenance of the water pump

        The use of the water pump also needs maintenance. It is not finished after installation. Correct maintenance is also a part of maintenance. Next, I'll show you how to maintain it.

        In normal use, there will be no fault, and daily maintenance, reasonable inspection and regular replacement of parts are also required to ensure the normal operation of the water pump. Determine the maintenance frequency, check the original manufacturer's guide, arrange the maintenance time, and pay attention to observation. Moreover, it is easier to see the whole of the water pump by selecting a good observation point during operation, Problems can be found in time.

        The items to be checked in turn include whether the installation point is safe, mechanical seal and packing; Whether the pump flange has leakage; Joints; Filters and so on, which need to be inspected. Lubrication should be done where lubrication is needed, so that the equipment can operate normally for a long time.


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